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Custom Developed Software

Customized solutions span a wider scope compared to universal or what we call off-the-shelf systems. This dictates a larger outlook magnifying specific requirements being catered and implementing standards not for all industries but per industry.
Focusing on core business activities leads to promote company’s identity to stand atop among competitors. With tailor-made software, we’ll help you be ahead and stay ahead.

Web and Multimedia Development

Being recognized starts the step toward being well-known and branded. Today, no matter what industry you are involved with, advertisements play a lead role on our business battle.

Providing people a glimpse of your humble beginnings down to services and resources offered – is like a strategic but effortless way to making a name for yourselves.

IT Consulting

EVOTECH is a Manila based, full service software consulting company offering web design, application development, software integration and offshore outsourcing services. Our business approach combines the most strategic aspects of both onshore and offshore models providing our clients with the highest quality projects at significantly reduced costs.


The School Administration Integrated System


School management software designed to address its specific needs. It is comprised with modules that cater automated operation as counter part of the school’s functioning departments. All modules are integrated to function as one to ensure that the essential information being shared is accurate and real time.typewriter. Bitters cold selfies, retro celiac sartorial mustache.

The Seafarer Management Information System


Software solutions specifically developed for Crewing Agencies’ essential and dynamic functionalities. The solutions’ greater flexibility allows every agency acquiring the system, to customize the software to be able to adapt to its unique processes and best practices.

The Business-in-a-Box Solutions (HR, Timekeeping , Payroll System


A complete software solutions for businesses which covers Human Resource Management, Timekeeping and Payroll. Also in the system are facilities for out-of-the-office attendance and task requisition. It is an integrated system that manages the whole operation giving the administrators lesser time to monitor employees and more time for onward improvement.

The Cooperative Management System


A software solutions extended to local cooperatives providing automated transactions for Tellers, Collectors, Loan Processors, Delinquency Officers and Accounting. The system provides quick computation of interests, amortization schedule, dividends and patronage refunds and year-end reports. Also in the system is a built-in ID generator and a computerized balloting during General Assemblies.

The Integrated Accounting Management System


An accounting back office covering standard Philippine Accounting. The basic modules can be directly integrated with the Business and Operation processes to complete a seamless financial documentation.



A software solutions with integration to WEB.



A software solutions with integration to SMS.

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